Whisper Kisses [ hwis-per kises] noun: to touch so gently or lightly that the recipient feels the energy but not the physical action. For example: The mother gave whisper kisses to her sleeping child who felt the love but did not awaken. Whisper Kisses are those tiny moments in your day where you find validation, reassurance, peace and inspiration. They are moments that do not interrupt your day, merely enhance and clarify. Some choose to call them intuition, deja vu, impulses, answered prayers, positive energy, kismet, karma, guardian angels... Whatever you call it, I wish the magic of these quiet surprises for you as you move forward in your day.

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I am a digital marketer with focused experience in community management, email marketing, web development and online fundraising.

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Photography is a passion. I marvel at the world that many people don't take the time to see. I am particularly fascinated by macro photography, which is a world that many people can't see.

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