Digital Portfolio

Web Design

To follow are a few of the sites I've designed and built for various purposes. Some are built on blog platforms with adapted templates and some are created from scratch. Not all are still active. Of the ones that are still active, most are up kept by the site owners themselves.

Some of the skills I have that support web design include:

  • Content creation
  • Template adjustment
  • Javascript manipulation
  • Usability and disability compliance
  • Project management
  • Graphic design and photography
  • Brand cohesion

Pit Bull Rescue San Diego

Pit Bull Rescue San Diego was a site created purely on a volunteer basis. It utilized the YUI library for customizing the feed of adoptable dogs from Multiple forms were created for adoptions, volunteering and donations.

Petco Foundation

The Petco Foundation site is a site nested within the site. The architecture was built on a proprietary platform used by Petco and needed to maintain certain Petco brand guidelines. While I was in the employ of the Petco Foundation, I grew the site from three generic looking pages to a 60 page cohesively branded site. It has since been redesigned and, while I was retained as a consultant to make updates on it after the redesign, I was not responsible for the current code or design.

Art Belongs Everywhere

Art Belongs Everywhere was a WordPress site built on a customized template for an artist who wanted a way to showcase her artwork. It houses the ability to see various subcategories of her artwork as well as a method to purchase or order online. It was created in barter and I now have a lovely piece of art in my home in exchange for the design and creation of this site.

Swirl Wine News

Swirl Wine News was a site that I built to support a monthly wine newsletter created by Los Angeles entrepreneurs. Colors of the site were changed out monthly via an external style sheet. The site mirrored the design of the newsletter and was architected in such a way as to allow a full site color revamp every month via the use of styles. This company is no longer in business and the site has been retired.

Vintage Hollywood

Vintage Hollywood was built to support an annual wine and food tasting fundraiser in Hollywood to support local children and humanitarian organizations. The site was revamped annually to match branding for the current year and was updated with slide shows and features of participating vendors regularly.

Xtreme Strategy Games

This was a site built as a favor for a friend who began a digital gaming business. It used minimal functionality and featured more graphic style than other sites I've created.


This is my personal site and, in its previous iteration as in its current, is the least technical of all sites I've created in that it is meant mostly as a repository for information.

Kingston Garden Club

The Kingston Garden Club site is a WordPress site created in four days as a volunteer assignment for a local garden club. It required some customization of the css but is an example of how easily a responsive site can be created.

Kingston Garden Club Home Page
Kingston Garden Club News Page

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church

This is a site that I built and managed for 7 years. Weekly updates were made and the site served as a basic general introduction to the parish until regular maintenance and design was handed over in 2010.


Bowlbarn was a simple site built many years ago for a woodworker who wanted a way to showcase his work for family and friends.