Digital Portfolio

Social Media

Social media is an evolving set of platforms, which is one of the reasons I love it. One thing that seems to stay popular, however, is the use of compelling imagery. Many of the branded posts I've created over the years, especially for my non-profit clients,  have received extremely high engagement numbers.

Some of the skills I have that support social media marketing include:

  • Content creation
  • Integrated contest marketing.
  • Graphic design and photography
  • Brand cohesion
  • Campaign analytics

Representative Facebook Posts

It is important to me that, while posts should stay in brand, they should also have enough variety to appeal to different audiences. Social posts should engage, inspire, and entertain. Only 20% of posts should be transactional in nature with 80% being interactional.  My personal belief, backed by years of analysis to back it up is that social media should continue to stay "social".  I have written a blog post with best practices that gives outlines some important considerations for any social media strategy.  While it is aimed at non-profit, it is equally relevant to for-profit as well.  Other posts I have written about my social media philosophy can be found on the resources page of my Digital You Consulting site

Interactional Campaign - HomeTrak Software

I provided graphic post creation and branding. A series of branded memes designed to appeal to folks who like to "share". Our goal in this campaign was to build more awareness around this B2B client and a sense of "they get it" for the people in that industry.

Interactional Campaign - DigitalYou Consulting

I provided photography and post creation. Interactional posts for DigitalYou are designed to appeal to the softer side of human connection. DigitalYou primarily works with clients who are looking beyond marketing to creating a connection with their community.

Social Campaigns - Petco Foundation

I provided photography and post creation. Petco Foundation campaigns were a lot more multi-layered than many of the other campaigns I've done. The goal was to reach out to a broad multi-segmented audience and to drive interaction. I created community presence for the Petco Foundation including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, blog and Google+, expanding social media reach to more than 100,000 followers over the course of five years.

This post is an example one of a series of Monday posts featuring pets who had been adopted during the prior week.

This post is obviously one that was posted on Mother's Day and received 30% engagement due to the number of shares.

This post went viral both times it was posted.  It was shared almost 1,000,000 times and still shows up in feeds over five years later.

This post is a duplicate of the will and testament for a dog, tailored for cats, by request via social media from people who had shared the dog version.

Orchestrated interaction Campaign - Petco Foundation

These posts were carefully crafted to create double engagement. The collage posts were initiated with a text post in the morning with a call for photos of people's pit bulls, cats, birds, service dogs - whatever the theme for the day or week was. This initial post created interaction because people love sharing photos of their pets and tend to alert fellow pet-lovers to post as well. The secondary post, which either happened that same evening or the following morning, was a collage from all submitted photos. The collage was then shared by all the original posters who were excited to see their dogs featured. Double interaction from a single theme helped to create greater engagement and often can set the stage for a themed transactional post on the following day.

The "Which one Wednesday" posts asked which of two breeds or species of animals people would prefer to adopt. These posts engendered high interactions as people argued (politely) for their preferences. Often I moderated these conversations with links to the Petfinder pages for adoptable pets of the breeds and species showcased.

Life is Better Together Photo Contest Social Promotion

In addition to creating a series of social promotions for this annual contest, I was also responsible for all branding and execution of the contest, which raised $106,606 in 2013 and $120,025 in 2014 for participating animal welfare organizations.