My Photos

Photography, for me, is a passion. I marvel at the world that many people don't take the time to see. I particularly am fascinated by macro photography, which is a world that many people can't see. I also am enthusiastic about nature and animals.

If you are in Snohomish County, Washington, I can be commissioned for pet photography (including dogs, cats, horses, chickens...) - to capture the true and natural essence of your pet.  I can also be commissioned to for garden and nature photography.  Through a combination of macro vision and varied unique angles of view, you will see your garden in a way you never imagined. See my professional photography page on for more information.

I have stock photos for sale on Adobe StockDreamstime and Shutterstock, free photos for download on Unsplash, and can sell you directly prints of any other photos I've taken that aren't up on traditional sites. I photograph the dogs I walk at Homeward Pet Animal Shelter every Friday for their free use. All photos are mine and I retain all copyrights. I ask that you do not download and use them without permission or license.

Feel free to take a walk with me through these worlds as I expand both upon my own technical knowledge and of my understanding of the things I choose to photograph.